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Mount Zero Olives & Millstone Cafe

Address :
RMB 2187 Winfields Road
Horsham  VIC
Phone : 03 9315 1415 
Email : info@mountzeroolives.com
Web-site : www.mountzeroolives.com
Opening times : Thursday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm
also - public & school holidays
Cards :
AE MC V Eftpos 
Special features:
Melbourne warehouse - Unit 3 / 2A Holmwood Road, Tottenham

Surrounded by olive groves and dominated by the Grampians in the near distance, a converted 120 year old schoolhouse makes a graceful and charming cafe serving simple dishes based on the estate's and local produce. It's a very casual cafe but quality is high and it's a most beautiful spot, with a 500 year-old olive crusher dominating the courtyard.
Check out the estate's olive oils, olives, vinegars, lentils, condiments and other products such as Pink Lake Salts and Tasmania quinoa while you're there.

OLIVE OIL WORKSHOP at Tottenham warehouse ...

A most fascinating food workshop recently was at Mount Zero Olives' Melbourne warehouse - well worth the short trek to just past Footscray (first time I've known Tottenham wasn't in London).
Tasting the various varietal extra virgin olive oils produced by Mount Zero was enlightening, if not surprising in the results. Frantoio - the backbone of fine, peppery Tuscan oils of note - was the most mundane on the range, apparently underperforming in the character stakes across most on Victoria. Not to say it is not a well-made oil, just lacking in that something special.

The other varieties -

The small Ligurian olive that makes a beautiful eating olive but also a fragrant, almost perfumed, oil that lacks punch here. Not to be ignored in a blend where its scent can shine.

A strikingly dark green oil with grassy, ripe apple and fresh almond aroma; spicy and pungent with rich texture, this is the dramatic leading lady.

Another deeply green oil smelling of tomato leaf and green (unripe) apple, with the rich texture cut by pungent bitterness, giving lovely bight and length. A great stand-alone oil.

Pale green/gold. The charmer to most at the tasting with its ripe yellow apple, tropical and banana perfume. The EVOO candy alongside the more pungent oils. Produced biodynamically and bottled separately, it's a popular performer.

When you ask a restaurant what the oil is that so impressed you, make sure you ask for specifics. Various fine restaurants across Melbourne use Mount Zero, but several have special blends prepared for them.
After the workshop I proudly blended my own "cuvee" only to discover it was only 10% different to Mo Vida's house blend. But I'm keeping the secret.