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McLAREN VALE - the best of ...

Address :
McLaren Vale  SA


Less than an hour's drive directly south of Adelaide, McLaren Vale now stands as the rural buffer to its urban sprawl. Indeed the historic cellar door at Chateau Reynella, and Geoff Merrill's Mount Hurtle site, is now surrounded by surburbia. But these were always the northern outposts of the McLaren Vale viticultural area and only a few of the olde vines there remain.

Not far south it becomes a picture of green and brown, the crop-fields and vineyards change their colour role in the landscape as the seasons change, and the view from the higher points incorporates the ocean as a backdrop ... "Seaview" - the original winery was up on the hills here - wasn't named such without reason.
There is a wealth of vineyards here but it also is rich in olives, almonds and fruit and local markets and cellar doors offer a plethora of products and produce.

The better local restaurants draw on this wealth of produce and the many menus have taken on a regional feel that has lifted the game in recent years. As with many vineyard areas cellar doors usually have a more relaxed dining option of platters of regional produce.


Willunga Farmers Market operates every Saturday, drawing on the strength of the local area and packs a crowd each week.


The Vale has a number of very attractive options now, most adopting the concept of regional cuisine, sourcing local produce and handling it creatively and well with great results. D'Arry's Verandah is still performing at the top of its game while Fino in Willunga and Kitchen Door at Pennyýs Hill winery are very exciting eateries worth the drive.
The Salopian Inn - with a long-established reputation - was undergoing renovations in December 2009 so that will hopefully add another string to the local culinary bow.


The Victory Hotel is the stalwart for food & wine visitors to the area. Itýs food is straightforward but well thought and cooked, but it is the cellar that draws many. Peruse the racks of wines from the local area and beyond, and select something for dinner. It's a relaxed and welcoming pub well worth a beer or a dinner. As some of the better restaurants don't open for dinner The Victory makes a good option.


Wine Divas will design a tour to suit your needs, and may suggest some obscure wineries that don't open to the public to add some colour and variation.

Eat & Drink's best of ...

Restaurants -

d'Arry's Verandah, McLaren Vale
FINO, Willunga
Kitchen Door Restaurant, McLaren Vale
Russell's, Willunga
Salopian Inn, McLaren Vale
Star of Greece, Port Willunga
Victory Hotel, Sellicks Beach
Woodstock Winery & Coterie, McLaren Flat

Cafés & Casual Dining -

3 Monkeys Fine Food, Willunga
Blessed Cheese, MCLaren Vale
Christina's on High Street, Willunga
Coriole Winery, McLaren Vale
Market 190, McLaren Vale
Richard Hamilton, McLaren Vale

Bars -

Victory Hotel, Sellicks Beach

Food Outlets -

3 Monkeys Fine Food, Willunga
Blessed Cheese, MCLaren Vale
Christina's on High Street, Willunga
Coriole Winery, McLaren Vale
Lloyd Brothers, McLaren Vale
Market 190, McLaren Vale
Primo Estate, McLaren Vale
Star of Greece, Port Willunga
Willunga Famers Market, Willunga

Cellar Doors -
(not included if not open to the public)

alpha, box + dice, McLaren Vale
Chapel Hill, McLaren Vale
Chateau Reynella + Hardy Wine Company, Reynella
Coriole Vineyards, McLaren Vale
d'Arenberg, McLaren Vale
Dowie Doole, McLaren Vale
Fox Creek Wines, Willunga
Gemtree Vineyard, McLAren Vale
Geoff Merrill Wines, Woodcroft
Halifax Wines, Willunga
Hardys + Tintara, McLaren Vale
Hugh Hamilton Wines, McLaren Vale
Kangarilla Road, McLaren Vale
Kay Brothers Amery Vineyard, McLaren Vale
Lazy Ballerina, Willunga
Lloyd Brothers, McLaren Vale
Maximus Wines, McLaren Vale
Penny's Hill & Mr Riggs, McLaren Vale
Pertaringa, McLaren Vale
Primo Estate, McLaren Vale
Richard Hamilton + Leconfield, McLaren Vale
Samuel's Gorge, McLaren Vale
Woodstock Winery & Coterie, McLaren Flat

by appointment -

Battle of Bosworth, Willunga
Cape Barren, Willunga
Petagna Wines, Sellicks Beach

Accommodation -

3 Divas Accommodation, McLaren
Chapel Hill Winery, McLaren Vale
The Vintage, McLaren Vale

Tours -

Wine Diva Tours