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Stephanie Alexander

Address :
Email : info@stephaniealexander.com.au
Web-site : www.stephaniealexander.com.au

"Cook, restaurateur, food writer and champion
of the quality & diversity of Australian food ..."
The quote is from Stephanie's web-site and understates her impact on the Australian food industry. Founder of her eponymous, long-famous, sadly lamented, restaurant & now of Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, Stephanie is even more famous now for her books. The Cook's Companion should be not just in the collection, but in the kitchen, of any serious cook in Australia ... a priceless collection of information on Australian produce and how to use it. Her other books are fascinating with her journeys, stories and recipes, all encased in entertaining asides that build your passion for cooking, eating and simply enjoying the pleasures of food.

"Food and wine and friendship matter more than almost anything I can think of. Together they involve skill and craft and patience, and understanding of difference, and appreciation, and the desire to bring happiness to others. Brushing past scented leaves in a garden, looking over a vineyard with the vines glowing gold in autumn sunshine, picking parsley outside the back door, pulling a cork from a bottle of wine, cutting into a ripe cheese, appreciating a wonderful apple, setting out a picnic on a bush table, debating the questions of the universe over a fine wine ý all these things seem to me to confirm our humanity and to make me want to live for, another day, another meal. In the end, I still believe there is no greater joy than sharing food, conversation and laughter around a table."