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Kai Ellmann

Address :
Sydney  NSW
Phone : 0409 032 224 
Email : kai@kai.com.au
Web-site : www.kai.com.au

Talented food stylist and consultant who has a strong history in the industry and a great portfolio. Check out the web-site.


kai is a creative chef, food stylist and food industry professional.

european trained, with 20 years experience in the united kingdom, germany and australia.

he offers a wealth of experience and expertise in all food aspects, a passion and love for food combined with style and attention to detail.

kai has an established reputation in the food industry based on integrity, quality, creativity and an absolute commitment to customer service.

food styling

"we believe that there are four key ingredients for successful food styling:

1. flair, creativity and attention to detail combined with experience in visual design.

2. a detailed briefing with the client to fully understand their needs and objectives and the productýs positioning in the marketplace.

3. creating a team environment between the photographer, art director and food stylist.

4. flexibility. We can style a variety of products for different media including: print advertising, packaging, brochures, editorial, tv commercials and motion pictures.

whilst we provide all of the above, we also offer a quality ýone stopý solution to your needs.

we can manage the project for you ý from arranging the right photographer, props, special effects and all necessary resources, and attend pre and post production meetings to ensure our clients complete satisfaction."

recipe development

"whether you require recipes for serving suggestions on packaging, or an extension of existing product ranges, or creating a new product, we can assist you.

with 20 years of culinary experience in the catering and food service industries, we maintain our awareness of current trends, fashions and styles.

we are able to utilise your products in the most appropriate, professional and favorable manner.

we will provide you with exact measures, easy to follow instructions and all our recipes are tested in our test facilities to ensure total satisfaction."

new product development

"in these changing times, it is important for any company to be innovative and continue evolving in its product offerings.

we specialise in working together with food companies, suppliers and end users to ensure that we keep abreast of market trends and tastes.

we test new concepts, utilising creativity mixed with common sense, to help you establish new and exciting products for your customers."

competitors' product analysis

"we can assist you with monitoring your competitors by testing their products and then submitting a detailed report for evaluation.

if required, we can conduct a competitive analysis between their product and yours, and recommend subsequent changes.

absolute integrity and confidentiality is always exercised and a non bias approach is guaranteed."