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Divine Food & Wine

Address :
Lancefield Road
Toobooruc  VIC
Phone : 03 5422 7500 
Email : divine@divineonline.com.au
Web-site : www.divineonline.com.au

Australia's cult wine & food magazine, and a very pro-active organiser of tastings & dinners across the country.
Great to subscribe to.

Divine Food & Wine is a quarterly food and wine magazine focusing on the best Australia and New Zealand have to offer with regular forays into the international arena. It is a food and wine magazine like no other, incorporating exceptional design, typography, art-based photography and in-depth, up-to-date content that combines authority and opinion. In an age where "lifestyle" reigns supreme, the magazine prides itself in that substance takes precedence over fashion and marketing hype, without being too up itself or academic and is widely recognised as the leading authority on food and wine in Australia. It is the magazine for independent thinkers, who have more than a passing interest in food or wine.

Divine retails for $9.95 and is available through selected newsagents and food or wine outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand. Or you can save yourselve the hassle of running around and hit the "Subscriptions" button on your left.

Divine also organises tastings in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane on a regular basis. Past tastings include Howard Park Cabernet 1986 ý 2002, the Wines of Spain and the Divine State of Origin featuring the top sixty cabernets from Australian and NZ, to name a few. Hit the "Tastings and Events" link to see what's currently on offer.