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Rare Breeds Trust of Australia

Address :
424 Mt Blackwood Road
Myrniong  VIC
Phone : 03 5368 7556 
Fax : 03 5368 7151 
Email : cjduff@bigpond.com
Web-site : www.rbta.org

The principal purpose of the Trust is to protect and encourage the conservation and breeding of endangered domestic farm livestock in Australia to ensure their survival worldwide.

"Rare Breeds of Australia

Sounds a bit like endangered species that we should protect? Well it is, but the way to save these rare breeds of pig, cattle, sheep, geese, ducks and chooks is to eat them. Try a rare roast of Wessex Saddleback pork - moist meat, sweet fat and chewy crackling and youýll be converted.
Have you tried to make stock from a battery hen? Result = dirty, flavourless water.
Did you know that commercial turkeysý breasts are so big they canýt have sex? Extrapolate that to humans!
Some of the finest examples of meat animals are endangered: the Wessex, English Black and Tamworth pigs, Aylesbury ducks, Dorset Downs sheep, Bronze turkeys, Leghorn chooks are among many that are at risk. And at the same time commercial farming aimed at size and leanness produces poor nutritional meats of little flavour and texture. The Rare Breeds Trust rules that all animals must be pure bred, free range and hormone free.
How to save them? Eat them! With successful commercial farming they will not only survive but prosper. And the quality of your gustatory life will improve dramatically.
Pity itýs not so easy for animals we donýt eat."

- Christopher Hayes, LINO Magazine